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About Abi Hall

I have an associate degree in Early Education and Family Studies and have been working professionally with infants, toddlers, and their families since 2007 as a teacher, caregiver, and family sleep guide. I use my knowledge and expertise to respectfully guide infants, toddlers, and their families to get everyone sleeping at night!

As a mother of two, I understand and empathize with how difficult it is when your sleep routines are no longer working. I know how it feels to be too overwhelmed and under-slept to even know where to begin to make a change. 


I can help!



To make my services equitable and affordable to as many families as possible, I am proud to offer sliding scale fees based on each family’s annual adjusted gross income and family size.  

I will consult with you, make a plan, and offer support via email, phone calls, text messages, or video calls

(FaceTime, Skype, etc). 

I will meet you in-person either in your home or at another agreed-upon location to consult with you, make a plan, and offer support.

I will come to your home to meet your child, consult with you, make a plan, then be there at nap or bed time to work directly with you and your child.  I will offer hands-on guidance and support. 

I will consult with you, make a plan, then offer hands-on overnight support either as a guide to you as you implement the plan, or to implement the plan for you!


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I look forward to helping your family sleep better at night so you can be rested and more productive for whatever your days may bring!

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